Growing Grounds

Growing Grounds Farm and Nursery San Luis Obispo

For more than 20 years, Growing Grounds Farm of San Luis Obispo has offered compassionate and proactive treatment for adults suffering from mental illness. Using a combination of horticultural therapy and vocational training, the farm provides employment opportunities and a supportive environment for personal growth.



Growing Grounds Farm Santa Maria

Growing Grounds Farm in Santa Maria combines horticultural therapy and vocational training to provide individuals with mental illness employment and a supportive environment where personal growth can be realized. Growing Grounds Farm Santa Maria was launched in October 2000, modeled on the successful Growing Grounds Farm San Luis Obispo.



Growing Grounds Downtown Store (San Luis Obispo)

For top-quality plants and produce, gardening supplies and gifts, visit our retail store in downtown San Luis Obispo. The wide selection of plants, cut flowers and produce for sale are grown at Growing Grounds Farms in San Luis Obispo and Santa Maria.



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