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No one takes the journey alone. We provide multiple opportunities for peer gatherings, one-on-one mentoring and personal growth.

The stigma of mental illness has an isolating effect on those it touches. We break through the loneliness on a daily basis with programs that reach the individual and open up a community of support. Peer-run drop-in centers promote independence and revitalization through self-governed activities. People with personal experiences with mental illness facilitate groups that cover such topics as self-advocacy, self-care, relapse prevention and stigma busting. Individual support is available as well for adults, older adults and transitional age youth.

TMHA also participates in multi-agency collaboration that provides 24/7 support services where and when they are needed. Staff teams are fully integrated to give each individual a range of choices and help them decide on a recovery process. Services include psychiatric care, housing assistance, substance abuse recovery, health, financial, education, employment and social support options.


50NOW is a multidisciplinary case management team model developed to house the 50 most vulnerable homeless adults in the County using a Housing First approach. The 50 Now Program is a collaboration between TMHA, CAPSLO, the Housing Authority of San Luis Obispo (HASLO) and the County Department of Social Services (DSS). The team is made up of a Nurse, Psychiatric Technician, Therapist, and Peer Support Specialist through TMHA. There is also a Housing Specialist and a Drug and Alcohol Specialist provided by CAPSLO. Together, the team works to house the 50 most vulnerable homeless adults and has 50 housing choice vouchers through HASLO to help that happen.

Support: SLO Hotline

Are you feeling hopeless, desperate or alone? Are you concerned for someone you care about? Call SLO Hotline 800-783-0607. It’s San Luis Obispo County's suicide prevention, mental health and emotional support phone line. Confidential. Free of charge. 24 hours of every day. Visit the SLO Hotline's web page.

Outreach and Education

TMHA’s Outreach and Education Program consists of a highly dedicated team of peers who strive to inspire others who are living with mental illness. We draw upon our unique experiences to help guide others along their journey to recovery. We offer a variety of classes and programs designed to provide support and insight into mental illness, promote wellness and recovery, and to provide people with tools to use in their recovery process. Working with someone that you can relate to, someone who has gone through similar experiences and has come out stronger on the other side, can be especially inspiring and motivating. We use the insights that our lived experiences have given us to help empower and guide people on their own paths to recovery.

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TMHA Wellness Centers

TMHA’s Wellness Centers with locations in San Luis Obispo, Arroyo Grande, and Atascadero offer person-centered, recovery-based supports designed for life enrichment, personal development, peer support, community resources, recovery education, social skill development, and various wellness workshops. Supports provided by the TMHA Wellness Centers are gauged for multiple age groups, and various cultures with focus upon, community connection, wellness, recovery, advocacy, independence and empowerment.

Our Wellness Centers focus on the individual person and their journey to wellness. We do not focus on the person’s mental illness; the focus is on providing education, empowerment, and support to help the person live the best life they choose to live. Living-well mentally, emotionally, and physically is what our Wellness Centers are all about.

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Recovery Learning Communities

Run entirely by peers – people in mental health recovery – Santa Maria and Lompoc Recovery Learning Communities provide a combination of wellness and recovery-oriented services in comfortable, supportive meeting places. Open throughout the week, the programs promote independence and revitalization through self-governed activities as members work toward recovery.

Intensive Services

The Emergency Shelter Clinician located in Santa Maria offers individualized therapy, case management and referrals for homeless people with mental health and/or drug and alcohol addiction problems. Services are provided by TMHA in cooperation with Good Samaritan Services Homeless Services campus in Santa Maria and are funded by the County of Santa Barbara Alcohol Drug and Mental Health Services.

Lompoc ACT is an assertive community treatment model-based program in Lompoc. As an ACT program with a joint County/TMHA hired multi-disciplinary staff operating as a team, Lompoc ACT engages with adults, older adults and transitional age youth with serious and persistent mental illness. Rather than brokering services, the Lompoc ACT team provides treatment, support and rehabilitation services to 100 adults in the community with a "whatever it takes" 24/7/365 day approach.

A less-intensive program than the ACT model above, Santa Maria Supportive Community Services supports 130 adults and older adults with severe and persistent mental illness to recover, and live independently. The team is available 24/7, 365 days a year and works alongside each client in the community to achieve their treatment goals. The intensive treatment team is run by a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and includes an in house Psychiatrist, 2 RN’s and 6 rehab specialists.

San Luis Obispo County Full Service Partnership (FSP) Program is a collection of MHSA funded Teams that provide intensive community-based wrap around services to help people in recovery live independently. Program participants are assisted in their efforts to gain the skills needed to make choices that reflect their own values, preferences, and goals; supports are developed to meet each person's needs and to empower each individual to attain their highest level of independence possible. The Teams have specific target populations that they work with as follows:

  • The Homeless Outreach FSP Team (HOT) is a multidisciplinary team of professionals who work within the community to engage homeless individuals struggling with mental health issues and link them to services and supports to address their mental, physical, and social health concerns.

  • The Adult FSP Teams (one in North County and one in SLO/South County) are each made up of two mental health professionals (one with the Behavioral Health Department and one with TMHA) who work in partnership with the clients they serve to explore individual mental health wellness and recovery using a “whatever it takes” brand of case management.

  • The Forensic Re-Entry Services (FRS) Team works with clients who are frequently in-and-out of jail incarceration and link them to community resources with the goals of engaging in mental health treatment and reducing client recidivism back to incarceration settings.

  • The Behavioral Health Treatment Court (BHTC) Team is another multidisciplinary team structure made up of a Therapist, Medication Manager, Probation Officer, and TMHA Case Manager who work with probationary clients with mental health issues.

Recidivism Reduction The Peer Mentorship Program works in concert with TMHA’s Forensic Reentry Services (FRS) team and Corrections staff to serve persons within the San Luis Obispo County Jail. Our Peer Mentor brings real life experience to issues of incarceration, reentry, and mental health. Our Peer Mentor meets with clients both before and after release, provides peer leadership and counseling, becoming a proactive resource for linkages to wellness programs that feature life skills and support groups, vocational opportunities, housing, and education.

ACA Medi-Cal Our Enrollment Counselor provides re-enrollment assistance to high-risk Medi-Cal eligible community members and engages high-risk behavioral health populations in Medi-Cal retention. TMHA is partnering with the County of San Luis Obispo in these efforts.

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