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The following reading selections are recommended. TMHA does not necessarily endorse all points of view presented. Our goal is to provide a diverse cross-section of current thought and research in the mental health arena in order to inform and educate, as well as stimulate discussion. We will continue updating this page, so visit often!

Annual Survey Results
SLO County-wide
Santa Barbara County-wide

Transitions-Mental Health Association’s Three Year Prevention & Early Intervention (PEI) Report: 2009-2012

Current Events

Stigma, Discrimination, and Well-Being Among California Adults Experiencing Mental Health Challenges
RAND Corporation
by Eunice C. Wong, Rebecca L. Collins, Jennifer L. Cerully, Elizabeth Roth, Joyce Marks

A Persian in Therapy
The New York Times
by Melody Moezzi

R U There?
A new counselling service harnesses the power of the text message.
The New Yorker
by Alice Gregory

Redefining Mental Illness
The New York Times
by Staff

Data and homelessness, Just like Airbnb
The Economist
by E.B.

Home Free
The New Yorker
by James Surowiecki

A Hairstylist Provides Free Cuts to the Homeless
The New York Times
by Alyson Krueger

These Wildly Successful People Will Prompt You To Rethink What It Means To Have A Mental Illness
Huffington Post
by Lindsay Holmes–September 30, 2014

The Myth Of Mental Illness And Gun Violence
by Todd Essig–June 28, 2014

Battling depression, he found someone to talk to
Mustang News
by Kyle McCarty–April 23, 2014

SLO County Health Leaders Focus on Housing to Treat Chronic Homelessness, Mental Illness
The Rock
by Ed Ochs–March 24, 2014

Old Sunny Acres building to become housing for people with mental disabilities
The Tribune
by AnnMarie Cornejo–April 4, 2014

Parity Implementation Coalition

Mental Health Services Act

Statement Regarding Audit of Prop 63 the Mental Health Services Act
Frequently Asked Questions about MHSA/Prop 63 Implementation
Questions and Answers Regarding Prop 63 Implementation
The Two Tier Myth

Opinion: Proposition 63 has cut homelessness, arrests, psychiatric hospitalizations
Capitol Weekly, by Dr. Larry Poaster – January 12, 2012

Opinion: Prop. 63 critics miss the mark entirely
Capital Weekly, by Marvin Southard – September 1, 2011

Mental Health Wellness and Recovery

SAMHSA’s Working Definition of Recovery Updated
by Paolo del Vecchio, Acting Lead, Recovery Support Strategic Initiative, Acting Director CMHS

Dr. Mark Ragins
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Training 2001
Emerging Challenges and Innovations in Recovery
Integrated Recovery Based Service Delivery
Recovery Based Practice: Making it Real
Recovery Based Service Relationships: Meeting Challenges of Self-Care, Safety, and Ethics with Lowered Boundaries and Barriers
Handouts and Reference Materials 1
Handouts and Reference Materials 2
Handouts and Reference Materials 3

Lori Ashcraft Training Material
TMHA staff attended a two-day training, given by Lori Ashcraft. Materials used during the training are below.

Why Don't Clinicians See Enough Recovery
Recovery Innovations of AZ - Welcome Letter
Wellness Recovery Action Plan - Session 3 Worksheet
Individual Recovery Services Note
Eight Steps of Recovery Planning
Recovery Coaching
Solution Planning Sheet
Self-directed Recovery Plan
Lori Ashcraft, Ph.D., CPRP Resume
Lori Ashcraft, Ph.D., CPRP Biography
Eight Steps of Recovery Planning PowerPoint
Recovery through an Integrated Workforce PowerPoint
Advanced Recovery Coaching PowerPoint
Leading with Your Heart PowerPoint
Shifting Organizational Culture PowerPoint

Medical News Today

Crisis Residential Facilities Healthier Than Psychiatric Hospitals? - Study Finds More Mental Health Improvements At Consumer-Managed Program

Suicide Prevention Resources

New national strategy paves way for reducing suicide deaths
Suicide in America: The People who Answer the Phone

Medication and Diagnostic Information

A psychiatrist thinks some patients are better off without antipsychotic drugs
The Washington Post

Study finds medication of little help to patients with mild, moderate depression
Only people with severe depression benefit from antidepressants, says research published in the Journal of the American Medical Assn. Others do better with nonmedical approaches.

Depression In Women
National Institute of Mental Health

National Institute of Mental Health

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
National Institute of Mental Health


Why I Keep My Bipolar Disorder Secret at Work
The Atlantic
by C J Laymon, August 22, 2013

Successful and Schizophrenic
The New York Times, The Opinion Pages
by Elyn R. Saks, January 25, 2013

Mental Health, Fighting the Stigma
by Cheryl England

How You Can Help Fight the Stigma of 'Mentally Ill'
by Glenn Close

Mental illness stigma lingers even though people understand it's a brain disease
by Shari Roan, Los Angeles Times

SLOtheStigma: The Truth About Mental Illness

Mental Illness Stigma Entrenched in American Culture; New Strategies Needed, Study Finds
ScienceDaily, September 16, 2010

Family and Friends

The Geel question

Coming clean about mental illness now

Depressed parents’ negative effects on kids are combatable
Evidence is mounting that growing up with a depressed parent increases a child's risk for mental health problems, cognitive difficulties and troubled social relationships.

Glenn Close's Aha! Moment
She always understood the power of words—but never more so than when she began speaking out about mental illness in her own family.

Military Families

Facts for Military Families
American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

Information in Spanish

Tarso, una víctima de la esquizofrenia en “India”
Univision, January 7, 2011
by Por Paula Andalo

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- Spanish_Suicide_FS1
- Spanish_Suicide_FS2
- Spanish_Suicide_FS3
- Spanish_Suicide_FS4
- Spanish_Suicide_FS5
- Spanish_Suicide_FS6
- Spanish_Suicide_FS7


Proposition 63

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